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Sleep Medicine

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Did you know that a number of sleep disorders are not only detectable, but treatable by your dentist? If you’re sluggish and tired, or you think that you might not be getting the quality of rest that you deserve, schedule an appointment today with G. Nili, DMD, and the team of dedicated professionals in Newport Beach, California, and get yourself on track to a good night’s sleep. Call the office or use the easy online booking tool.

Sleep Medicine Q & A

What areas of sleep medicine can my dentist treat?

Many common sleep disorders present symptoms that the team at G. Nili, DMD will be able to detect during a routine oral checkup, such as:


If you grind your teeth at night, Dr. Nili might notice:

  • A higher presence of cavities
  • Scalloped edges on your tongue
  • Gums that are inflamed or receding
  • Worn-down tooth surfaces


If you snore at night, Dr. Nili will be able to observe a marked redness in your throat

Sleep apnea/OSA

If you’re suffering from sleep apnea, Dr. Nili might see:

  • The aforementioned signs of bruxism or snoring, which are symptoms of sleep apnea
  • That your tongue is too big for your mouth
  • That your jaw is too small for your tongue

What are the benefits of sleep medicine?

Sleep medicine can help to stave away the numerous dangers associated with sleep disorders. Snoring diminishes the quality of your sleep and can cause fatigue during your waking hours while grinding your teeth wears down your tooth enamel, which makes your teeth more vulnerable to developing cavities, threatens the structure of your teeth and bite, and can lead to temporomandibular disorder (TMD). Sleep apnea is also linked to a large number of very severe issues, such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and an elevated risk of high blood pressure.

What sleep medicine solutions do dentists offer?

For patients suffering from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy is usually the first method of treatment. CPAP machines force air into the lungs through a facial mask worn during sleep. CPAP therapy works best for patients who are good about consistently using their CPAP machine night after night.

To help those who can not to tolerate to use their CPAP machine, Dr Nili offers an alternative solution. This alternative treatment is a FDA-approved sleep apnea treatment  called oral appliance therapy or OAT.

You shouldn’t have to keep losing sleep. Book an appointment today with Dr. Nili and the dental professionals at G. Nili, DMD by calling the office or scheduling an appointment online, and get yourself a good night’s rest.